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We're CodeSwiftr, a tech leadership company helping startups that achieved product-market fit to scale.

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What if you could have the technical support needed to scale your startup?

At CodeSwiftr, we turn your great ideas into real technology. We bring years of innovation and leadership to your startup across a wide range of areas.


A Decade and Beyond of Technological Mastery

14 years in the fast-evolving tech landscape has refined our expertise to near perfection. The in-depth industry experience that we have isn't just a trait—it's your startup's competitive edge.


Versatility at the Heart of Innovation

We're skilled in Python, React, and iOS, and we rely on the power of Terraform, Kubernetes, and Docker. This versatility means your startup's tech needs are met with unparalleled flexibility.


Leaders Who Code and Coders Who Lead

Our leadership skills are complemented by our technical know-how. We help teams and projects succeed by combining strategic thinking with practical expertise.


DevOps: Your Velocity, Our Virtuosity

With a deep knowledge of RabbitMQ, Kafka, MLFlow, and Jenkins, our DevOps expertise elevates your deployment processes, driving your software development cycle to a higher level of efficiency.


Innovative Problem-Solving

Whether it's tackling technical debt, enhancing code quality, or crafting complex machine learning algorithms, our problem-solving skills are your secret weapon.


Product Management with Perspective

Our comprehensive product management approach brings your ideas from the start to the market, ensuring your product not only exists but also stands out in the market.


How can we help?

We're all about providing premium software solutions customized to your unique needs. Here's an overview of our services and the price range for each

Tailored Software Development

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We develop unique software solutions from scratch, tailored to your specific needs. This includes web and mobile apps, SaaS products, and more.

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Fractional CTO Services

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If you're a startup in need of a CTO but not ready to hire full-time, we offer Fractional CTO services. This includes tech leadership, tech team management, product strategy, and more.

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DevFlow Accelerator

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Our comprehensive package for streamlining your software development workflows. This includes tool setup, team training, agile implementation, and more.

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MVP Development

For startups looking to develop a Minimum Viable Product, we provide an end-to-end service, from ideation to execution.

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App Modernization

If you have legacy applications that need updating or refactoring for the modern world, we can help.

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Staff Augmentation

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Our staff augmentation service is more than just filling a gap; it’s about enhancing your team’s capabilities with precisely the right talent at the right time.

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More than just code

Outstanding results and experiences from our clients

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What sets us apart?

At CodeSwiftr, our process is meticulously designed to integrate seamlessly with your startup's rhythm while setting you distinctly apart in a crowded tech landscape. Here’s how we do it

Deep Dive Analysis

We dive deep into your code and team dynamics. Think of us as tech doctors, diagnosing what's needed to keep your product in tip-top shape.

Custom Strategy Blueprint

We design a unique tech playbook that aligns perfectly with your business. It's not just a plan—it's your roadmap to the tech stratosphere.

Action-Packed Execution

Plans are good; making them happen is great. We're with you all the way, transforming our shared vision into a reality, step by step.

Agility Tuning

Growth means change. We fine-tune our strategies as your needs evolve, keeping you agile and ready for any tech challenge.

Leadership Mentoring

We don't just do; we teach. Your team will level up as we share our expertise, preparing them to lead the tech race.

Smooth Leadership Handoff

When it's time to pass the torch to your in-house tech hero, we'll ensure a seamless transition. They'll step in with the full know-how of what's been built and where it's headed.


Our Projects



Developed an iOS application helping parents introduce solid foods to their babies with Swift UIKit and Firebase Realtime Database, Storage, Dynamic Links, Authentication, and more.

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Torga Web Try On

Torga Web Try-On

Developed an AR application from mobile to web using React, Redux/Saga, Firebase, and THREE.js • Wrote Python scripts for automation, including extracting models, images, and metadata from Unity project files (YAML), uploading them to Firebase Storage, and updating the Realtime Database.

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Torga iStylist by

Torga iStylist

Build Torga iStylist | A glasses virtual try-on using face tracking. Used Unity and Firebase to build and publish the app to the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

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Septica Mobile Card Game

Septica - Mobile Card Game

Introduced Septica, a very popular card game, to a global audience via mobile platforms, using Objective C, Java and later on Unity to adopt 3D card models.

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Meet out the Problem Solvers


We believe in building long-term partnerships, so we're always here to provide advice and assistance even after project completion.

Professional, detailed and pleasant to work with. For me working with Bogdan was a great pleasure. Bogdan lead the development of both iOS and Android apps at Specta, facing both technical challenges and showing great leadership skills.

Shay Dahan


Bogdan has an excellent technical understanding, grasps functional specifications easily and quickly comes to the cause of every problem. He is able to explain complicated technical issues to developers and non-developers. It was a pleasure to have Bogdan on the team and I am sure we will work together again in the future.

David Buchanan

COO @Torga Optical

I had the pleasure of working with Bogdan on a FinTech project where Bogdan was the tech lead. His deep technical knowledge and know-how but also the ability to work with a product team impressed me. He delivered good leadership to the more junior developers and was a clear communicator and a great problem-solver. So I can highly recommend Bogdan and he will definitely be a valuable resource for any team.

Christian Ramsoy

CPO @ FutureXchange

I have had the privilege of knowing Bogdan since the beginning of 2020. From our initial meeting, it was clear that I want this man in my immediate network of professionals for the long run. His calm nature is palpable, and his knowledge in the tech domain seems near endless. Any job you throw at him, he handles with professionalism and gusto. He is a thought leader, a mentor, and crucially, someone you can rely on. But beyond it all, he is a great person—I always walk away with a smile when I engage with him.

CJ Visser

Founder & CEO @ Bluebird Development


We have answers

What makes CodeSwiftr the right choice for startups and scale-ups looking to build and scale their engineering department?
With our deep expertise in scaling tech for startups, we not only help build your engineering team but also ensure they are equipped with the right processes, culture, and strategy to succeed. We are committed to turning your scalable vision into an operational reality.
How does CodeSwiftr streamline our software development processes?
By establishing efficient CI/CD pipelines, we streamline your development processes, enabling faster and more reliable code integration and deployment. This ensures that your team can deliver new features and fixes quickly and with high quality.
Can CodeSwiftr assist us in establishing and maintaining a strong tech culture as our company grows?
Yes, building a healthy tech culture is key to growing any engineering team. We work alongside your team to embed a culture of innovation, continuous learning, and collaboration, adapting to your company’s distinct scaling journey while preserving the essence of your original startup values.
What support does CodeSwiftr provide in migrating to cloud-native solutions?
Our experts assist in planning and executing a migration strategy to cloud-native architectures, ensuring that your infrastructure is scalable, reliable, and cost-efficient. We prioritize a smooth transition with minimal disruption to your operations.
The Startup Scaling Blueprint book

The Startup Scaling Blueprint

Guide startup founders through every possible aspect of growth. This eBook will provide not just theoretical knowledge, but also practical, actionble steps and real-world case studies to make the scaling journey as smooth as possible.

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What if you could have the technical support needed to scale your startup?

You've nailed what your customers want, and they're loving your product. Now let's make sure your tech can keep up with your success.

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